We strive to answer our calling each and every day – in business and in our community.

One of our retired Senior Client Associates once commented in a short video that when someone joins our group they become part of the family. That sentiment is certainly reflective of the culture we have tried to create within The Murchison Group.  We are committed to caring about each other, although we may fall short of fulfilling that commitment from time to time.

Likewise, we are committed to caring about our clients and their welfare.  Our yardstick is simple:  how would we want our own family to be cared for.  So, we think of our clients as members of The Murchison Group family.  Like any family, we are far from perfect.  But we continually remind ourselves of the ideal for which we strive. We also care about our community, both local and the greater community beyond.  So, we are committed to contributing to its welfare through both volunteer service and financial support.

It may seem a bit trite to say this, but we feel called to care.  More than running a business, more than doing a job, we think of our work on our clients’ behalf as a calling.  We may not always measure up to that calling, but it remains the standard against which we want to be measured.

Community Support – Individually and as a Group

Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity  •  Lower Cape Fear Life Care  •  Louise Wells Cameron Art Museum  •  Cape Fear Community College  •  Weekend Meals on Wheels  •  Domestic Violence and Shelter Services Inc.  •  Coastal Horizons Center Inc.  •. 2Share, Inc  •  Brigade Boys & Girls Club  •  She ROCKS  •  Girls on the Run  •  Wilmington Rotary Club Foundation  •  North Carolina Coastal Land Trust  •  Good Shepherd Center  •  Opera House Theatre Company  •  North Carolina Azalea Festival